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Debuts in 2022
Disbandments in 2022
Releases in 2022

Debuts in 2022

New groups and soloists that debuted this year!

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Disbandments in 2022

Groups that have disbanded this year.

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Releases in 2022

New music released this year!

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Debuts in 2022
Disbandments in 2022
Releases in 2022

Trending artists

MONO 22 cover image
RPT MCK Tại Vì Sao cover image
Emcee L Chuyện Đôi Ta cover image
 Emcee L 
Ho Ngoc Ha Cô Đơn Trên Sofa cover image
 Hồ Ngọc Hà 
Tăng Duy Tân Bên Trên Tầng Lầu cover image
 Tăng Duy Tân  
GREY D x tlinh vaicaunoicokhiennguoithaydoi cover image
Derived from the weekly Billboard Vietnam Hot 100
Last updated: November 7, 2022

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